JMVIP is the journal of Iranian society of machine vision and image processing published in Persian biquarterly. Due to permission from the ministry of science, research and technology, JMVIP articles are indexed in the Islamic countries’ Science Citation Center (ISC). JMVIP aims to peer review and publish regular articles present major technical researches or survey articles offer reviews of the topics in the field of machine vision and image processing.

Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, Summer and Autumn 2020, Pages 1-190 

3. Improving object recognition using context based top-down signals

Pages 29-45

Elahe Soltandoost-Nari; Reza Ebrahimpour; Karim Rajaee

8. Single Image Super-Resolution via Learning Segmented Regions of the Input Image

Pages 111-121

Maliheh Habibi; Alireza Ahmadyfard; Hamid Hassanpour

11. Context-Aware Features (CAF) for Semantic Image Segmentation

Pages 153-164

Majid Nasiri; Hamidreza Rashidy Kanan; Sayyed Hamid Amiri

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