A general descriptor based-on weighted local binary pattern for infrared images retrieval

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Arak University, Arak,, Iran


Local Binary Pattern (LBP) is one of popular texture images descriptors. It is used to extraction features of texture images for classification.  However, in this paper a new version of LBP is proposed that is not used for this purpose.  The proposed descriptor is used for image retrieval. In other words it can be compare to Scale Invariant Features Transform (SIFT). In term of speed, the proposed method outperforms the SIFT. In addition, in this paper it is used for Infrared images retrieval. These images are low quality and low contrast and if they are used without any pre processing and enhancement, SIFT descriptor versions cannot extract good features of them. The proposed method can provide better result with higher speed. The proposed method have been compared to center symmetric LBP (CS-LBP) and SIFT by using both infrared images and standard image data-sets.