Recognition of gait disorder in people with knee joint disability using FUZZY system

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Graduated Student of of Bio-electric

2 Computer Eng. Dept. Electrical & Computer Eng. Semnan University

3 Phd Student of Computer Engineering, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Eng. Semnan University


Gait disorder is an issue in human society that can limit a person's life activity as an injury. Correct and rapid diagnosis of this disorder can help the healing process. Therefore, research has always been done to identify this disorder, based on which the physician can consider an appropriate treatment plan for the patient.
Many recent studies have used different wearable and non-wearable sensors for identification. In the present study, Kinect sensor, which can identify 25 points of anatomical points of a person's body, was used to receive and record data, the identification method is defined based on the Fuzzy System defined by a medical team consisting of specialists and knee surgeons as experts in this system. The number of participants is 90, which is given from the data of 45 people in the training step and construction of the fuzzy system based on the opinions of experts, and in the second step from the data of another 45 people to evaluate the system as input. The outputs of the fuzzy system validation show that based on 7 defined features and rules made in the fuzzy system, the accuracy, precision, and recall are reported are 95%, 92.14%, and 89.26%, respectively.