Introducing a new dataset (Iranian Plate) for Iranian licence plate recognition

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Computer Engineering, Malayer University

2 Department of Computer Engineering,Afarinesh institute for higher education


License Plate Detection is an essential part of smart transportation systems which is always ‎expected to be accurate and efficient. The exponential growth of the number of vehicles has led ‎to many problems for vehicle detection in different fields such as traffic control, parking lot, toll ‎highways and so. Using an automatic system for plate number detection of the vehicle, a large ‎number of problems can be solved. One of the best methods for overcoming this problem is using ‎a convolutional neural network approach. They have shown impressive performance in various ‎computer vision tasks. In this work, we tried to introduce a new dataset of Iranian cars' plates. ‎Then using transfer learning and Alexnet, we have proposed a new approach for detection and ‎classifying the plate numbers. We conducted comprehensive experiments on the new dataset. The ‎experimental results show that the proposed method has achieved to 97.35% accuracy.‎