New Visual Features for Farsi Handwriting Images based Graphology Study of Personality using Image Processing for Farsi Handwriting

Document Type : Research Paper



In this paper, new visual features for personality identification based on Farsi handwriting images are proposed.  The purpose of this study is to establish a computer aided system to automatically extract some attributes that are used by graphologists for the analysis of handwriting. Therefore, these attributes should be presented in the forms that be extractable from the handwriting images. To do this, first the handwriting images are preprocessed and the features such as pen width, spaces between lines, heights of sub-words, etc. are extracted. In the next step, some features including spaces between words, the size of letters and sub-words, the deviation of letters and the height of vertical letters are calculated. These features are employed to recognize the type of handwriting. Eventually, the extracted features from handwriting images are examined on a set of images which have been commented on by graphologist. The experimental results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed features.