Quality improvement of images in Nuclear medicine planar imaging using Dual Domain method

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Imam Khomeini International University, Department of Physics

2 Nuclear Radiologists


Nuclear medicine planar imaging is the most important medical imaging methods in detecting of lesions and abnormality of tissues and their functions. Analysis and interpretation of the nuclear medicine images plays an important role in diagnostic medicines. The images usually have low contrast, high noise and small sizes in the injury region. Abnormal region identifications are depended to images quality and resolution. In this research, the dual domain method is used and tried to improve the quality of nuclear medicine planar images. In nuclear medicine, noise usually has a high-frequency component and it seems that removing the frequency components with other contrast enhancement algorithms can be useful in noise removal. For 46 chosen images from kidney and other part of body, the dual domain method was applied. The images were very noisy that the contrast was improved by the method. Comparisons between the images show that the dual domain method by eliminating high frequency component of image can be considered as one of the most important methods for noise removal of nuclear medicine planar images. Also, the contrast enhancement method is effective for some images. For evaluation, the opinions of nuclear medicine physicians and medical physics were used. The experts’ opinions show that the quality and contrast of images have been improved significantly.