A new image watermarking scheme using contourlet transform, singular values‎ and chaos

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Phd Student of Mathematics, Urmia University

2 Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Urmia University


This paper presents a new image watermarking method in Contourlet domain, ‎where watermark is embedded through quantum chaotic map‎ in the selected Contourlet coefficients ‎of the cover image. The main idea of this method is data embedding in selected sub bands, providing ‎higher resiliency through better spectrum spreading compared to other sub bands. The proposed ‎method leads to higher imperceptibility and robustness against several common watermarking attacks ‎such as compression, adding noise, filtering and scaling. It has been observed that, in comparison with ‎other Contourlet based and wavelet based methods, the proposed method is thanks to its capability ‎in directional selectivity.‎