Fuzzy Notch Filter for Periodic Noise Reduction in Digital Images

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Phd. Student of Computer Eng., University of Yazd

2 Department of Computer Engineering, Yazd University


Periodic noise damages the visual quality of images by imposingrepetitive patterns to them. In this research work, we introduce anew method which is based on fuzzy systems for de-noising periodic noise.The position of a frequency coefficient in the origin shifted Fouriertransformed image and the current coefficient's amplitude to a localmedian ratio are used as inputs of the fuzzy system. The output of the fuzzy system will be a restorationmask. Weimplemented the proposed method and evaluated its performance againstsome images corrupted with periodic noise. The experimental results showan acceptable level of performance. Overall, this research implies thatthe procedure conducted by experts in the notch filter can be automatedby using a fuzzy system.