Designing Coordinate Matching Filter along with the Extraction of Local Features to Improve the Accuracy of Handwriting Signature Recognition

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Birjandad

2 Associate Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Birjand


In this study, a new method is presented for offline signature recognition. To compare the features, a new similarity measure is introduced based on the number of matched features. In addition, in the post-processing step, an innovative, efficient and effective coordinate matching filter is used that has low computational cost and is consistent with the feature extraction algorithm. This filter applies a threshold on Cartesian coordinate difference between the two blocks on the corresponding images. The implementation of the proposed system includes optimized features that are invariant to scaling and rotation changes. Using the new similarity criteria for matching these features, and post-processing routine using the proposed coordinates filter, applied on the GPDS960 (Offline) and SVC2004 (online converted to online) database, improved efficiency of the proposed identification system. Also proposed system parameters are selected and personalized automatically only once by using a genetic algorithm for each database.